Brief Profile of the AVLDA
Brief Profile of the AVLDA

Natural disasters threaten to destroy paradise
Allah Valley in the southern Philippines, is home to spectacular natural resources including lakes, waterfalls, caves, hot springs, and bird sanctuaries. Lake Sebu is a perfect example – it’s a mystical lake that has served as a source of livelihood for local indigenous peoples (IP) and food for birds in the surrounding rainforests for thousands of years.

  • Total coverage area: 252,034 has.
  • Protected Area: 102,350 has.
  • Mountains: Daguma and Roxas ranges
  • Forest Cover: 28,000+ has. primary, 24,000+ has. Secondary
  • Degraded Areas: 77,000+ has. (grassland/ brushland)
  • Agricultural Areas: 91,000+ has.
  • Rivers: Allah, Banga, Kapingkong, Gao, Sapali and Sepaka
  • Falls: 7 falls in Lake Sebu
  • Lakes: Holon (Maughan)- 305 has @ 1,200masl:Lake Sebu–353 has @700masl
  • No. of LGUs traverse by the program: 13 (2 Provinces, 1 City and 10 municipalities)
  • Population: 600,000+
  • Composition: Migrants, Tbolis, Maguindanaons, Blaans, Tedurays


MAKING AN IMPACT Eco-Tourism in Allah Valley (Philippines)

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AVLDA Administrative Map

AVLDA Administrative and Drainage Map